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In 1948, in an essay in the magazine, the Tiger's Eye, artist Barnett Newman wrote: "Art does not need to concern itself with beauty...Art can be understood by anyone who will look at it without the nostalgic glasses of history."

Bill Seebert Untitled #3The development of my painting begins with scribbles and scrawls in search of formal and spatial effects. By foregoing representation, I am free to express myself with the unrestricted use of form, adopting intentional awkwardness and deliberate crude gestures. My paintings are not illustrations, nor pictures of figures or objects. I look for shapes that are not in the normal realm of what is seen in life; however, I paint out of my own unconscious and figures are bound to emerge.

I am concerned with the interaction of line, color and shape. To create these interactions, I put image on top of image; continually painting out all that does not work, usually leaving traces of previous attempts in the final painting.

An accident probably has an important part in the design as I search for the line – the set of lines to express my purpose. The first marks and the first lines on the paper are undecided and impulsive squiggles as if my hand itself was searching for encouragement.

I gaze into the lines I draw and note the energy of the marks, the power of the visual language and the rhymed or non rhymed spaces. Some of the marks are energetic in extremes, some utterly meaningless.

The frequent distribution of the shapes and figures are placed consciously within the pictorial field to evoke space by placing the shapes within that field so there is a sense of measure, balance, structure and lineal direction.

My art has been influenced by the art of children. Not in the direct use of their motifs, but how the brush, pencil or crayon is held and used, and how the objects are positioned on the surface of the paper.

The viewer should visualize something new: something of which he or she was previously unaware. Rather than painting an object, the painting itself is the product. An artist once said, "A painter is not a man in love with scenery but a man in love with painting."

Bill Seebert

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